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1. Construction Surveying

Contruction Surveying ServiceTurning Point Surveys is your one-source solution for accurate, timely and cost effective construction surveying services. We excel at staying ahead of industry trends and adapting our approach to better suit our customers' needs. Our qualified and knowledgeable professionals provide the most precise, efficient and safe construction survey services, including:

  • Machine control support & design
  • All earthwork structures
  • Quantity tracking & reports
  • Topographic & site surveys
  • High precision leveling
  • All underground & above ground utility installs
  • Concrete & anchor bolt installs
  • Pile layout & support

2. Line Locating

Line Locating ServiceDig with confidence! Turning Point Surveys combines the most advanced line locating technology with extensive experience to provide trusted line locating services across Alberta. We are responsive to the demanding nature of our industry and the needs of our clients. Our comprehensive line location services allow our customers to complete ground disturbances with confidence and safety.

Turning Point Surveys accurately locates and maps the following:

  • Electrical lines
  • Gas lines
  • Water lines
  • Storm and Sewer lines
  • Communication and Fiber Optic lines

3.Geotechnical Services

Geomatics ServiceOur field technicians are highly experienced in all aspects of inspection and testing and demonstrate innovative thinking to ensure an unsurpassed quality of service and consistent performance. Turning Point Surveys is also your complete solution for concrete coring and cutting services.

QA/QC Construction Field Monitoring: Turning Point Surveys provides a wide range of services during construction, including:

  • Monitoring lift thickness, test fill densities, material type and properties
  • Approving base preparation prior to placements of any fills
  • Sample materials
  • Test pit monitoring and sampling
  • QC project coordination
  • Preparation of daily construction reports
  • Concrete/grout/fillcrete sampling and testing
  • Rebar inspection
  • Concrete coring
  • Proof Rolling
  • Frost Depth Monitoring

Material Testing: Additional materials engineering services offered by Turning Point Surveys include:

  • Soil Identification
  • Organic Content of Soils
  • Geotechnical Index Testing of Soils
  • Concrete Strength Testing
  • Wet Soil Resistivity Testing
  • Air Entrainment Testing
  • Proctors
  • Aggregate Testing
  • Tailings Characterization
  • Coke Analysis

4. Drafting & Design

Drafting and Design ServiceHere at Turning Point Surveys Ltd., we specialize in the 3d modelling, quantity control, progress tracking, construction layout, machine control data exports as well as a full range of survey and construction design needs.

3D Modelling: From existing grades to final grade designs, we can develop accurate and reliable models of your site. Whether you are working on roads, mass excavation, concrete structures, or underground piping, we can take the information you have and generate the georeferenced 3d equivalents. These models can not only be used for surveying, planning, tracking, but can also be integrated into Building Infrastructure models to help you coordinate on different aspects of a project.

Layout Design: The data used in surveying is perhaps the single most important aspect of being accurate. Our calculators can take IFC drawings of any type and develop accurate and simple layout drawings for use in the field. Our experience ranges from oil gas, road construction, water & sewer, building construction, as well as others.

Quantity Tracking: Whether it be in the estimating stage, construction progress, or final turnover, we can manage and track quantities for any type of job. Recently, we completed the data tracking for a mass excavation project that included 14 million cubic meters of excavation over a 6 month period. In the estimating stage, we can take tender packages and use the provided grade information to generate 3d models and provide you with estimated quantities for bidding or quantity varication.

Machine Control Design: We have an experienced and efficient team of drafters that can assist you with any part of the machine control design and export process. We can take any type of design and generate 3d models that can be exported and used for machine control for both Trimble and Topcon Systems.